I Was Faster in My Second 5k

by Shawn Collins on September 21, 2009

Yesterday was my second 5k race, and while it was slower than I’d like, I had a big improvement in time from my first 5k race back in July 2009.

Back then, I ran the route in 34:24, and this time it was 30:09.

So, I am still not a trailblazer, but I am satisfied that I accomplished a new PR (personal record) and shaved off more than 4 minutes from my previous time.

Shawn Collins finishes a 5k

My time for the Berkeley Heights 5k 2009

Here I am in the approach to the final turn. I am the one in the long-sleeve black shirt.

Approaching the final turn at the Berkeley Heights 5k

I was pretty worn out after the race. After a few minutes, some watermelon and half a bagel, I was ready for my close-up.

Berkeley Heights 5k 2009 004

My family was out of town for my first race, so it was nice to have everybody there this time around.

Berkeley Heights 5k 2009 007

Now, I’ve got to find my next race.

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